Does Pope Francis remember Tripoli? - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Does Pope Francis remember Tripoli?

Previously, the death toll was 400; now 40 more African immigrants just lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea. The life they are living must be so bad that these people don't even fear death. Thousands more of them are waiting for their turn on Libya's coasts. In one of the boats, which embarked on this trip where the line between death and life becomes vague, there had been an argument between the Christian and Muslim immigrants over drinking water. The arguments started after the Christians didn't give water to the Muslims and arguments turned into a fight, while some people fell into the sea and drowned. The Italian newspapers, which got carried away after Pope Francis' statements that portray Turks as the first “genocide-committing people” in the 20th Century, are already feeling like “Crusaders”. This incident in question had taken place in Italian gazettes with the following headlines; “Christian massacre in the boat”, “Jihad in the boats”, “Jihad in the Sicilia passage: Islamists are now killing Christians in our home”.

Pope Francis is not talking about how many thousands of Libyan civilians had been slaughtered by the Italians between 1911 and 1941. In 1911, Italy, who emulated colonist Western forces, invaded Libya. The financier of this invasion was the “Banco di Roma” (Bank of Rome). The owner of the bank, Ernesto Pacelli, was the financial advisor to that period's Pope Pius X. Pacelli's cousin, Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli, was one of the influential names in the Vatican. The cousin Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli was coronated as the Pope in 1939 under the name of “Pius XII”. The grandfather of Pius XII, who is remembered as the “Pope of Hitler” by the Jews and who had been declared as a “saint” a couple years ago, was Marcantonio Pacelli and he was the finance secretary of Pope Pius XII. The Pacelli family had taken on the complicated financial tasks of the Vatican. The Bank of Rome's, which had great interests in Libya, financial relation with the Vatican was one of the factors that compelled the Italian government to invade Tripoli.

The Italian invasion, which started in 1911 and continued until the beginning of the 1940s, destroyed both the human and economic resources of Libya. More than half of the population lost their lives. It was also a miracle that the rest of the population sustained their existence. During the invasion period, at least 200,000 Libyan forces had been forced to migrate. High death rates were the common feature of concentration camps and infant deaths were almost half of that. After the community, who had been forced to migrate from the beach side, was kept in concentration camps, they were exiled to the remote corners of the deserts surrounded by barbed wires. Invading forces destroyed millions of animals that were the means of food and sustenance for the nation.

Honorable Italian researchers are confessing that the catholic-rooted “Missionary” and “Crusader” spirit fed the Italian colonialism directed at Libya. This mental state, which influences the attitude of the Italian community, had been organized by the media. According to the information in the book entitled “Omar Mukhtar: Libya's invasion and resistance”, which had been written by four Italian researchers, Roberto Cantalupo, who worked as an undersecretary in Italy's Colony Ministry in the 1920s, said; “Nine out of ten of our African citizens are Muslims, and our long term plan is designing a pauperized, Islam that is on the decline.” This was the objective of the invaders.

Pope Francis, who is following Pius XII's path, is not speaking of these slaughters. Now, the Italian gazettes are inviting the nation to the “Crusader fronts” to avoid having Libyan and other African immigrants, who want to run away from the grasp of poverty and cruelty, reach Italian coasts. The ones, who pauperized Africa and imprisoned them to dictate their regimes on them, should be prepared for more Africans swarming to the Western coasts. While Pope Francis is referring to 1911, he should also talk about the Vatican's role in the Libya invasion.


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