Dirty plot in the Middle East! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Dirty plot in the Middle East!

It is clear that the Trump administration’s “Middle East policy” is being shaped according to Israel’s interests. Zionist lobbies, far-right groups, Christian-Zionists, and Neocons have taken a hold of Trump. It appears that Saudi Arabia was delegated an important role in this policy. Saudi Arabia is practically ruled by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Lobbies ensured that the Crown Prince’s policy to brand Saudi Arabia as a so-called “modern country” could be sold in Washington. It is not a secret that Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner helped Salman in the discharge of his possible rivals within the royal family.

Despite the role of instigator that Crown Prince Salman played in the “Jamal Khashoggi Murder” that is clearly outlined in the “CIA report,” Trump is determined to perpetuate the U.S.-Saudi alliance. A number of Democrats and Republicans of the U.S. Congress are not happy with the fact that Trump is protecting Crown Prince Salman. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Bob Menendez are working together to impose strict sanctions on Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Salman. Republican Senators Ben Sasse and Mike Lee, who both dubbed the CIA report reliable, are criticizing Trump for keeping Crown Prince Salman out of the “Khashoggi Murder.” Senator Sasse has even said that Trump has to declare that Crown Prince was involved in the “Khashoggi Murder.”

In a rally he attended before the midterm elections, Trump said that without the U.S., the Saudis “might not be there for two weeks.” Trump also asked Saudi Arabia to pay the price of the support the U.S. has been providing. This price also included Saudi support for Trump’s “Palestine Plan.” Trump’s loyal supporters the Christian-Zionists are defending the cause of “Greater Israel” and do not want the alliance between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to be damaged. Israel, on the other hand, is continuing its expansionist policies in occupied Palestine relentlessly as a result of the Trump administration’s support.

When the United Nations called on Israel to rescind its authority in the “Golan Heights,” which belongs to Syria, on Nov. 17, the U.S. opposed and voted “no.” Washington has been abstaining from the voting which is held annually. Israel, which invaded Golan Heights in 1967, decided to annex it in 1982. Israel cleared Golan, which has strategic importance in terms of defense and water resources, from the Arab population. The UN did not recognize this decision. Official U.S. policy has also been in line with the UN. The annexation of Golan Heights is one of the elements of “Greater Israel.” The U.S. voted “no” on Nov. 17 and equates to the recognition of the annexation.

The American Christian Zionist Rightists trust the Saudis for the “Greater Israel” plan. Trump-supporting radical right news outlet “Breitbart News” editor Joel Pollak said in an article published on Nov. 23 that "Trump has positioned himself as MBS’s last and best friend. Without Trump’s support, MBS might not survive long — and he knows it. That puts Trump in a position to make demands." Pollak argues that the support Saudi Arabia will provide for Trump’s “Palestine Plan” will be quite useful for Israel. Pollak notes that the Saudi administration may pressure the Palestinians to accept that Israel is a Jewish state and recognize Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem. According to Pollak, who wrote that the deal could be sweetened by giving some rights to the Saudis over the Muslim holy sites and Masjid al-Aqsa, claims that it would be foolish for Salman to refuse to play this role.

There is a dirty plot to establish a “Greater Israel” out of the chaos in the region. “Golan Heights” is a small part of this ploy. Like an Arab proverb says, “If a camel is allowed to get its nose inside a tent, the rest of its body will follow.” In this plot, the regimes which owe their power to the U.S. are given important roles. This is like a chess game. After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. If the plot becomes successful, the winners will be the ones who plotted this game.


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