Coal mines can also speak… - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Coal mines can also speak…

With our “Soma” sorrows still warm, now 18 of our citizens have been trapped under water in the coal mine in Ermenek. Following that, two Chinese laborers had lost their lives in a landslide in the coal mine in Amasra. The trouble is that in September the Ministry of Labor had given the decision of “stopping the work” at the coal mine in Amasra, because of the deficiencies that carries vital dangers. They had made the decision, but as you see, the activity had continued. In an accident at a coal mine in Zonguldak Gelik, which was being operated without a license, one coal-miner had lost his life. In Isparta, a car, which was overloaded with agricultural laborers twice its capacity, had fallen off the shoulder of the road. As a result, 16 women, a boy and a girl had lost their lives. We had lost 18 of our citizens because 46 people were placed in a car meant to carry 24 people. In this accident, the “extra money” feeling had come forth. Our 15-year-old children had lost his/her life in that accident, when he/she had skipped school to help his/her mother. Would he/she have gone there if he/she weren’t constrained to do so? When we fit 46 people in a car with a 24-person limit, would we call this an “accident”?

If somebody lends an ear or understands, everything in nature, even the coal mines, can speak. The human organism will give signals when it is not being operated healthily, when we disregard those signals, we will encounter larger problems. A timely diagnosis will make the treatment easier. If you build a structure on a fault line, then it will collapse when an earthquake occurs and thus, people will die. If you construct humane settlements on river beds, then it will be washed away by floods. Likewise, haven’t the communal problems deepened and grown bigger because the competent ones in the state, government and political arena had disregarded the signals, which were pointing at the problem? For example, isn’t the terrifying increase in the number of people, who had lost their lives because of “suicides” and “bonsai”, a signal that something is not going right? The communal problems also give out signals like the human organism. The political establishment is responsible for reading those signals correctly and thus creating solutions.

For years, the coal mines have been giving out “danger” signals, and because of the patrons’ passion to make more money, they are leaving it to chance rather than taking precautions. When the mines collapse and people die, can we pull it off by saying “Destiny, natality”? Can such a “religious” understanding be “authentic” at Allah’s level? While signals are being given on the world, are we still thinking that we will have any excuses left on the “judgment day”? Taking a precaution is equal to more costs, less profits, and focusing on the seductive shine of easy money rather than human life. This is what’s happening at Soma, Ermenek, Amasra and Isparta. Whatever we had experienced is caused by the greedy and mindless people living among us, whose passions had obviated their minds. Of course, the establishments, who are responsible for reading the signals and taking precautions, are just as responsible as those patrons.

Easy money walks in gaps. Greedy people will steer towards the executive, political, juridical and even religious law’s gaps. The Devil seduces people from the gaps, fractures and details. The capitalist mentality, which feeds off greediness, doesn’t like statutory audit, limitation, or regulation. Greedy people like statutory gaps and transforming supervision and regulation gaps into a door for easy money. If those gaps didn’t exist, then would the wealth of “85” people in the world be equal to the incomes of 3.5 billion people? At the beginning of the 1770s, when capitalism was developing, was Oliver Smith unfair to say, “Evil is running rampant, catching people in its clasp swiftly. Humans are rotting at the point where the wealth is being accumulated”?


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