'Civil war’ in the White House heats up - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

'Civil war’ in the White House heats up

It has been six months since President Donald Trump came to office, but he is unable to actualize his agendas. Trump was hindered on the "congress" and "judiciary" obstacle concerning the "Health Law," the "Migration Law" and "Relations with Russia." Yet, the Republicans make up the majority of both the U.S. House of Representatives and of the senate. It appears that "political alignment" could not be achieved between Trump and the Republicans in congress. The "Russian connection" is the rope around Trump's neck. Investigations on allegations that the Russians interfered in the elections in favor of Trump are putting him in a tighter corner each day.

The battle between the "American Intelligence Community" and Trump, who faces severe opposition from mainstream media, also, continues. Former CIA chief John Brennan asked the Republicans and Democrats on both wings of the congress to restrain Trump. Brennan called for a government revolt in the case of former FBI chief Robert Mueller, who was appointed as “special prosecutor” for the Russia investigation, being dismissed. This was perceived as a “call for a coup against Trump.” Trump could not find what he had hoped for from Mueller, who he appointed as special prosecutor.

Trump is not happy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson either. Claims are being made by the media that both are going to be made to abdicate their positions. According to claims, Tillerson, who is in dispute with Trump over foreign policy, is inclined to resign. If we remember, Trump supported the countries that boycotted Qatar, while Tillerson had stated that the boycotting countries could not satisfactorily prove the justifications they presented.

Meanwhile, there is also a severe civil war between Trump’s men in the White House. The president’s men have separated into two wings: “globalists” and “neo-nationalists.” Trump’s radical right-wing chief strategist Steve Bannon and his team describe their rivals as “globalist bankers” defending the interests of the finance institutes in Wall Street. The one thing many of those who Trump appointed to positions of influence have in common is that they worked at multinational investment banks, primarily at Goldman Sachs.

The pro-Bannon circles see this group as the “enemy in the midst,” trying to deviate Trump’s nationalist agenda, which he expressed through his “America First” slogan. It should be stated that key figures in the pro-Bannon group were transferred from the alternative-right movement’s publishing body Breitbart to the White House.

I have been closely following Breitbart and Republican publications for some time. The severity of the civil war in the White House is reflected in these publications. It should also be remembered that whether it be the pro-Bannon circle or the others, there are groups of major capital behind all these wings. They are fighting to seize control over the U.S.’s foreign policy. The battle between these interest groups has a great role in the Trump administration’s failure to present an all-round strategy and doctrine in prominent foreign policy categories such as Russia, China, the EU, the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The civil war is also going on between the National Security Council, Pentagon and Foreign Affairs. For example, it is stated that Trump is also in disagreement with National Security adviser Gen. McMaster on certain matters. Additionally, there is a fierce battle going on between the opposing wings in regards to matters such as international trade, education, tax reformation and customs legislations. Numerous resignations taking place in the White House during the first six months of Trump’s administration indicates the severity of the fight. There will be other resignations, but we shall defer the details of these resignations to the next article.


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