Charlie Hebdo, Israel and the ICC - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Charlie Hebdo, Israel and the ICC

The ICC, the International Criminal Court, has initiated a preliminary inquiry related with the war crimes conducted by Israel in Palestine. In order for the ICC to launch this preliminary inquiry, it was necessary for Palestine to officially recognize this court’s authority, which Palestine saw through on January 2nd. Palestine’s application was swiftly processed, which, in turn, immediately enacted the inquiry. If sufficient information/data is gathered in this preliminary inquiry, it could pave the way for Israel officials to stand trial at the ICC, which would be a precedent. Whether the court is independent or will be under the influence of politics will be revealed after this inquiry.

Everyone worldwide knows what Israel had done. As for Israel, they act comfortably thinking that they are “untouchable”. The US’s aid and support is always with them, no matter what. The US, who had voted against the independent Palestine draft at the UN Security Council, had become annoyed with Palestine’s application to the ICC. Right at this point, the attack on “Charlie Hebdo” happened and the US’ “war against terror” expression, which had been declared after “September 11”, resumed again.

Israel is deeply uneasy about the increase in the Muslim population in Europe. We shouldn’t underestimate the possibility of the sympathy between European racists, who are annoyed with the existence of the Muslim immigrants, and Israel turning into solid collaboration, as in the “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” model. Let us have a look on the recent events in a chronological order. At the parliaments of the EU member countries, support decisions towards the Palestine draft had been issued. “PEGIDA” appeared in Germany. Anti-Islam campaigns intensified in Germany and France. The “Charlie Hebdo Raid” happened in Paris. Right after that, in a Jewish Marketplace and in a printing shop, hostage incidents were experienced. These had been followed by attacks, arson and harassments directed at Muslims and their sacred places in some cities of Europe. All these circles complete each other. As for Professor Michael Mann, an American social scientist, he had written this in 2005:

“Muslim immigrants can be associated with the Islamophobia of the Christians; besides, they create political hardships in their education and civil law field. However, immigrants mostly raise anger because of more direct reasons – employment, education and settlement rivalry, but the employer always continues to welcome them kindly. From time to time revolts happen, and the support given to extreme right-wing parties increases; however, the threat of criminal clearance is quite low. In Europe, grade, region and gender are the most popular politics. My second thesis doesn’t apply here. If the American “war against terror” continues its detrimental way and raised more terrorist reaction, then surely, the formation chance of an Anti-Muslim reaction in the Northern countries will increase.”

Israel’s reaction against the preliminary inquiry started by ICC is significant. Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had said the following in a written statement; “It’s a scandal for the statement that an ICC prosecutor is to launch an investigation against the Jewish, is released just a few days after the terrorists slaughtered Jews in France. The only reason for this is the fact that we had defended our citizens against the terrorist organization Hamas, who has cooperating with the Palestinian Authority.”

It seems that the attacks performed in Paris also suit’s Israel’s books. Israel is touching the weak spot of Europe and points at the Jewish Genocide conducted by the Nazis. And of course, this reclines on the increasing racist wave against the Muslim immigrants in Europe, along with the “Islamophobia”.

Maybe none of these has any connection/relation with each other, and, maybe incidents are only happening in Paris.


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