Biden reveals ignorance about the history of ‘Great Turkey’ with anti-Semitism remarks - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Biden reveals ignorance about the history of ‘Great Turkey’ with anti-Semitism remarks

The U.S. government has now accused Turkey of being anti-Semitic because it reacted to Israel’s savagery. It seems that criticizing Israel, no matter what sort of atrocities it commits, is enough to brand you as an enemy against Jews. Is there any other state on earth that has gotten away with murder? The “Great Turkey” epithet was personally used by Jews in the 16th century. Toward the end of the 15th century, when the Spaniards that had appeared on American coasts started to massacre the natives, they had also started burning Muslims and Jews in Spain itself. During this era, Spain had committed history’s bloodiest inquisition. 

It is not possible for the U.S., which sat back and watched Hitler burn the Jews, to lecture Turkey. In the 1930s, Turkish universities had opened its arms to Jewish professors who were fleeing the Nazis. Even some of our embassies played a role in saving many Jewish lives. While these developments were unfolding, anti-Black laws had been in force in the U.S. These laws were finally abolished with great struggles in 1965. But discrimination against Blacks did not stop there. In the 2020 elections, Democrats promised that they would eradicate the systematic racism targeting Blacks and non-White Americans.

I’ve said it before: Even though Biden is a hardened politician with 50 years on his belt, he isn’t a very good history student. Mr. Biden, I implore you to take a look at what Jewish historian Elijah Capsali said in 1523:

“Sultan Beyazid, the King of Turkey, heard of all the evil the King of Spain had done to the Jews, and that they were seeking a refuge, and he took pity on them. So he sent emissaries, and he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing, that none of the governors of his cities was permitted to reject or expel the Jews, but that they must welcome them. And all of the people in all of the Kingdom welcomed the Jews, protecting them night and day. They were not abused, nor was any hurt done to them. Thousands and tens of thousands of those who had been expelled from Spain came to Turkey, and the land was filled with them. Then, the Jewish communities in the Ottoman lands poured money like water to save prisoners in Spain by ransom.”

According to Jewish historian Bernard Lewis another Ottoman sultan who rescued the Jews in Europe from being burned was Suleyman the Magnificent. Pope Paul IV had revived the Inquisition. On the orders of the Pope, in 1556, the properties of Jews living in the port city of Ancona had been confiscated, and if they did not repentantly convert to Christianity, it was declared that they would die. Thanks to Suleyman the Magnificent’s intervention many Jews had been saved.

In the 16th century Portuguese Jewish globetrotter Samuel Usque in his book, “Consolation for the Tribulations of Israel,” consoled the oppressed Jews with “Great Turkey”:

“The eighth and most signal way by which you will rise to a higher degree of consolation is in the great nation of Turkey. This country is like a broad and expansive sea which our Lord has opened with the rod of His mercy, as Moses did for you in the Exodus from Egypt, so that the swells of your present misfortunes, which relentlessly pursue you in all kingdoms of Europe like the infinite multitude of Egyptians, might cease and be consumed by it. Here the gates of liberty are always wide open for you that you may fully practice your Judaism; they are never closed.” 

The root of “anti-Semitsim” lies in the European-Christian world. As the Crusaders were traveling toward Jerusalem during the Crusades, they massacred Jews  in their route from Germany to Hungary. This is how the first Jewish massacres started in Europe. The Crusaders, who occupied Jerusalem in 1099, massacred Muslims and Jews in the city. When Salaheddine Al-Ayyoubi saved Jerusalem in 1187, not a single Christian was touched in the city. Jews jubilantly celebrated the entry of Muslim soldiers into Jerusalem.

The Jewish massacres that started during the Crusades  at the beginning of the 1940s in Europe ended with genocide. The Western world made oppressed Palestinians pay the price for this genocide. They uprooted the Palestinians who were living in the region for 1,400 years from their homelands. With the support of the U.S., Israel transformed into a monster that slaughters women and children. Accusing everyone who revolts against Israeli atrocities and advocates restoring the rights of the Palestinians as “anti-Semitic” is profane and, at the same time, only serves to aid and abet these massacres. 


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