Biden is aiding and abetting Israel’s massacre - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Biden is aiding and abetting Israel’s massacre

Israel’s “racist-apartheid” regime has massacred over 200 Palestinians in the city of Gaza. Half of these people are made up of women and children. Joe Biden, Israel’s chief financial “aidsman,” hasn’t even bothered to issue a single condolence message for the slaughtered civilians. He, as his predecessor Trump did, claims that Israel has the right to defend itself. Is it even fathomable that such a country could be an “honest mediator” for peace in the region?

America is supposedly after a two-state solution. U.S. administrations did not follow a coercive policy with Israel in this regard either. On the contrary, it expedited Israel’s annexation policies, step by step. Trump had declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel according to international law, and moved its embassy from Tel Aviv. Biden, for his part, had promised that he would push for a two-state solution. Even though he annulled many of Trump’s administrative decisions, he didn’t touch the “Jerusalem decision.” Drawing courage from Biden’s stance, Israel continues to seize private properties belonging to Palestinians. The U.S.’s traditional attitude, on the other hand, is only to issue objection notes. This stance is a “silent approval” of Israel’s annexation policies.

Israel is seizing private properties and giving them to Jewish settlers in order to exile Palestinians from the ancient city of Jerusalem. In one incident, a Jewish settler is parked in a chair in a property sized by Israel. Behind him, male and female Israeli soldiers are standing guard, ranked shoulder to shoulder, with their arms folded across their chests. This picture alone is enough to reveal Israel’s ethnic cleansing policy. Videos and photographs on social media of the cries of Palestinian families who were uprooted from their homes have been censored by social media firms. For days now, families in Jerusalem have been unable to raise their voices via social media due to this block.

Israel's Minister for Justice Ayelet Shaked said that Facebook, Google and YouTube had complied with 95 percent of censorship notices from Israel. Twitter and Instagram are among the social media organizations that have suspended accounts labeled "Aqsa," which support the families of Jerusalem. These organizations have stated that the “Aqsa” label is affiliated with the “The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades,” which the U.S. has included in its list of terrorist organizations. Even children know that the label is related to Al-Aqsa Mosque. Following reactions, it was announced that the accounts  were suspended as a result of a “misunderstanding.”

Because it remains unpunished, Israel doesn’t hesitate a moment to slaughter women and children. Israel’s defense minister threatened to completely burn down Gaza. Can you threaten a city in which hundreds of thousands of people reside in, in such a manner? Isn’t such a threat within the context of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”? 

“Israel's big lie: This isn't self defense — it's a war crime, aided and abetted by the U.S.”: This is the title of the article of Pulitzer prize-winner Chris Hedges, who is the former bureau chief of the New York Times’ Middle East Desk, that was published on May 15 in Scheerpost.

Hedges pointed out that everything said in the U.S. about Israel's assaults on the Palestinians  is a "lie." Noting that Israel has violated over 30 resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, Hedges emphasized that Israel's attacks violated the Fourth Geneva Convention, which defines the collective punishment of civilians as a war crime. Stating that Israel was conducting an “ethnic cleanse,” Chris Hedges referred to the Israeli lobby and says: “Any other starting point for the discussion of what is taking place between Israel and the Palestinians is a lie.

The U.S. and EU had imposed sanctions on Russia following the assassination attempt of Russian double agent Sergey Skripal in the U.K. Furthermore, they once more implemented sanctions against Moscow following a similar attempt on Russian politician Alexei Navalny. Serbian leaders have been tried in the International Criminal Court following their massacres in Bosnia. The U.S. however is fervently against Israel being tried in this court. Israel is killing civilians in front of the whole world. Targets include buildings that host local and international media outlets, roads, public facilities, agricultural lands, schools and mosques. They who sanctioned Russia for attempts that didn’t even end in death, cannot even “condemn” Israel for killing hundreds of women and children.


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