Biden has just been dealt another blow by the Supreme Court - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Biden has just been dealt another blow by the Supreme Court

The rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court deeply impact the balance between Republicans and Democrats. The court, which is dominated 6 to 3  by Conservatives judges, removed the constitutional basis of abortion with its ruling on June 24. Before Democrats got over the shock of this decision, the Supreme Court was this time ending the "Environmental Protection Agency" (EPA)'s authority to make regulations.

The “EPA decision,” which made fossil fuel companies happy, was also split along party lines. According to the three liberal judges in the court, the Court was putting itself in the shoes of Congress. The dissenting opinion, voiced by liberal judges, noted that the Supreme Court had stripped the EPA of its mandate to respond to the most pressing environmental issue of the time.

Abortion was central to the "culture wars" between Democrats and Republicans. The Court's decision to relinquish regulation over abortions to state legislatures was the first major defeat for Democrats and the Joe Biden Administration. The "EPA decision" also threatens to disrupt the Biden Administration's promise to tackle the global climate crisis.

Republicans and Democrats assume stark positions on the man-made climate crisis. Conservative Republicans, who argue that the climate crisis has no scientific basis, oppose the administration's restrictions on fossil fuels. Few Democrats in the U.S. Congress oppose the policy of limiting fossil fuels. Democratic-Centrist Senator Joe Manchin, whose relationship with fossil fuel companies has been widely discussed, strongly opposes the Biden Administration's attempts to end federal subsidies to the fossil fuel industries.” Left-wing Democrats, who advocate actively tackling the Climate Crisis, describe Manchin as a "Republican within the party."

Big Oil is among the most powerful lobbies in the United States. Fossil fuel companies donate heavily to the election campaigns of politicians who deny the climate crisis. Of course, these donations mostly go to Republicans. According to reports circulating in U.S. media, fossil fuel companies are also trying to get judges who do not believe in the climate crisis to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Fossil fuel companies also influence the approval process of Supreme Justices in the Senate through the so-called non-profit organizations they support indirectly. Fossil Fuel Lobbies also play a role in the circulation of pseudo-scientific views based on the denial of the climate crisis. In the comments made about the "EPA decision" in the publications supporting left-wing Democrats, Koch Industries was singled out.

If we recall, former U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew the country from the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump's appointment of names linked to fossil fuel lobbies to senior positions in the "Environmental Protection Agency" was widely discussed. Thus, the EPA remained mired in gridlock in the Trump era.

One of the first actions taken by Joe Biden, who was elected President in 2020, was rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. Biden had promised the U.S.'s Western partners that it would deal with the global climate crisis in the most effective way. Therefore, the Supreme Court's "EPA decision" undermines Biden's international standing. Of course, the deep political and cultural polarization in which the U.S. finds itself is being eyed very carefully by European states that are the signatories of the Paris Climate Agreement. The prospects of Republicans actually winning America's midterm elections in 2022 and Presidential elections in 2024 are very worrying for Europe.

The abortion and “EPA” rulings were the last that the Supreme Court made before it is set to break for the summer. Meanwhile, one of the Court's liberal judges, Stephen Breyer, 83, retired the day the EPA ruling was made. Breyer, who was nominated to the Supreme Court by Democrat Bill Clinton in 1994, had served for 28 years. Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, 51, to replace Breyer. Confirmed by the Senate in April, Jackson was sworn in on Thursday. It should be noted that Jackson is the first Black American female judge to serve on the Supreme Court.


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