Behold, the new ideology of the future! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

Behold, the new ideology of the future!

It is now palpable that climate change sprouting from the demon of global warming is exponentially exacerbating humanity’s living conditions. There is really no need to be verbose, because we, as the human race, are personally experiencing the consequences of climate change. Rising temperatures, drought, extraordinary rainfalls, floods, landslides, wildfires, etc. Only in the last week alone, we’ve witnessed how no effort was spared to extinguish the blazes that consumed Turkey’s forests; we watched unbelievable scenes unfold.

If global warming progresses at this rate, we can ascertain what our future will look like more accurately by drawing on today’s experiences. We will go about our lives acknowledging the fact that man-made global warming is a “global crisis.” Of course, it isn’t possible to wave a wand and eliminate global warming, which is the result of the accumulation of a century; however, we will sustain our individual and institutional efforts. First and foremost, this struggle necessitates an active awareness. As both individuals and institutions, we need to minimize our contributions to global warming.

If climate change is the great evil of tomorrow, environmentalism will most likely become one of the most significant ideologies of the future. By its very nature, climate change forces the global economic-financial system, which left us bereft of options, to change. Even the Covid-19 pandemic made us swallow the bitter pill that the current capitalist system cannot be maintained. It is also a fact that climate change has generated a litany of diseases that we have not encountered or experienced before. Is it even possible to maintain a valuable existence when the balance of nature and life has been disrupted?

Another development climate change has made itself felt in, is the heating of oceans. Accordingly, the acid ratios in the water also increase. The oceans, which previously shielded us from the destructive effects of the heat, are signaling that they will soon no longer be able to carry out this role. The acidification of the oceans negatively affects all shellfish, primarily oysters and mussels. One can only imagine what will happen when the water conditions are no longer optimal for the reproduction of marine life. Remember the reports that state that the oceans have turned into a plastic garbage patch. Changes in the seas will only make it more difficult for people to live a healthy life.

Every creature has a positive role to play in nature. Every link in the chain of nature is tightly bound to each other. A crisis experienced in one link transforms all others by slowly or rapidly affecting them. We can observe the devastating effects of climate change, which manifests itself as excessive rainfall and drought in the fields of food and agriculture. Underground water resources are diminishing or disappearing by sliding deeper underground. All these developments could limit access to healthy food. On the other hand, it could drastically decrease people's purchasing power.

According to environmental-agronomists, wheat, rice, and fish rank first among staple foods that will become less accessible due to climate change. This is not only limited to nutrition but also negatively affects the workforce operating in these areas. Thus, it would not do to take lightly the social and economic impacts of climate change.

Many creatures, primarily dinosaurs, had gone extinct in the Ice Age. We only know of the existence of dinosaurs through discovery of their fossils. In the past century, on the other hand, hundreds of plant species have gone extinct. With rising temperatures, new species will inevitably be added to the list. Future food and water shortages will be a threat that could break out national or international crises.

Having to choose between a "healthy environment" and a "healthy economy" is a false dichotomy. On the contrary, scientists point out that a healthy environment is the foundation of a healthy economy. It's more about changing our perception of climate change. When our altering perspectives have the support of the public opinion, it is then possible to establish a stronger, safer, and healthier balance between the environment and the economy. Just look back at history! New ideas emanating from facts have always destroyed clichés, and there is no method on earth to nip an idea that is ready to bloom in the bud. A new tune starts to play, and everyone is forced to dance along.


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