An island for the dictators... - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

An island for the dictators...

For a while now, we have been witnessing the drama of the people who risk dying in the “Mediterranean Sea” in order to reach “Europe” from Asia, Africa or the Middle East to have a better life. Thousands of immigrants lost their lives on this trip in their rotten ships and broken life vests. Recently, the images of “little Aylan's” dead body washed ashore set hearts on fire. This dreary image engraved in our minds the reality of how destructive the war in Syria is. All that's left from that family is the tearful father. Aylan, his sibling and mother successfully got out of Syria; however, their corpses returned to their country. In this dirty war, in which 250,000 people lost their lives, no image was as effective as the picture of little Aylan.

Little Aylan is the miniature picture of the lives destroyed by the dictators, unbridled greedy people, sultanate devotees, international arm monopolies, benefit organizations, murderers, ethnic lunatics and sectarian fanatics. I hope that the lesson taught by this little orator, who is calling out to the humanity conscience of the 21st Century, will conduce towards ending this dirty war.

As for Europe, who acquired its wealth by exploiting Africa and Asia, is busy repelling the poor immigrants from the Mediterranean Sea. However, Europe cannot run away from facing off with their old and continuous sins. People, whose countries are destroyed, will continue to put pressure on the European coasts. This is only the beginning of a great migration wave. Piles of communities, who are not allowed to have a normal life in their countries, will be rushing from the East to West and from the South to North in order to find new living spaces, and this cannot be prevented.

It's only possible to prevent the migration wave from the Mediterranean Sea to Europe if the Western regimes stops supporting dictators and regimes that are against their own communities. The ones, who are selling weapons to the dictators to oppress their communities, who are provoking the civil wars, who are overlooking or supporting the coups in order to exploit the economic wealth of countries, cannot live in peace. The biggest factor that triggers the migrations is the fact that people became outcasts in their own lands. If not, why would anyone leave their home!

Egyptian Copt-Christian businessman, Necip Saviris, had brought forward a weird suggestion in order to relieve the Europeans of this heavy burden. He states that, if he is given an island around Italy-Greece and acceptable capital, he would establish temporary barracks, then build accommodations, schools, universities, hospitals and employ the immigrants. Saviris, who is a man of global capital, is the richest businessman in Egypt and among the top 600 wealthy people in the world. Saviris is a person who worked with all his heart and soul for the collapse of President Mursi, who came to power through elections in Egypt. It's known by everyone that he gave part of his wealth, which he acquired through the prerogatives provided to him by the military regime in exchange for the poverty of the Egyptian people, and his media to the control of the coupist General Sisi. In other words, he is a supporter of one of the typical dictatorship regimes, which people can only run away from by means of leaving the country.

The solution Saviris, who also helped the “Sisi Regime” to find support in the West, found for the poor people, who went on a death trip in the Mediterranean Sea in order to live normally, is to gather them on an island. However, if he suggested gathering all the dictators on an island instead, then maybe he found a way that would have been more realistic and even cheaper. Because as long as the dictators are in power, this matter will never come to an end.


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