American anti-China hawks issue urgent call to stop Beijing! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

American anti-China hawks issue urgent call to stop Beijing!

During his tenure, former U.S. President Donald Trump has waged trade wars against China, and when the Covid-19 pandemic swept the world, Trump called it the "Chinese virus," which exposed the weaknesses of the public healthcare system in the United States, as well as the U.S.'s dependence on China for even the most basic medical equipment. What the then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference was even more striking. He said, with facial expressions alternating between crying and laughing:

“We need masks, we need medical gowns. They are produced in China. We need face shields. They are produced in China. We need ventilators. They are produced in China. Ok, we're past that stage. We need test kits. They are made in China”

For Cuomo of the Democratic Party, supply dependence on China was a "national security" issue.

The highest-ranking American to visit Taiwan 25 years ago was Newt Gingrich, then Speaker of the House of Representatives. Republican Gingrich also supported China's accession to the World Trade Organization in 2001. “We thought getting them into the rules-based system would slowly permeate their culture and it would be a big step in the right direction – it was all wrong,” Gingrich told “Hill TV” in 2019.

Supporting Trump's Trade Wars, Gingrich has also published a book titled "Trump Against China: Confronting America's Biggest Threat." According to Gingrich, who spoke at an event promoting his book, China was even more dangerous than "Nazi Germany" or the "Soviet Union." “If you don't want your grandchildren to speak Chinese and obey Beijing, then that is an issue that requires national dialogue about it,” Gingrich said.

Elbridge Colby was one of the people who advocated that the US should leave "everything else" aside and focus on China. Colby, who served as Deputy Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development during the Trump era, was also the architect of the "2018 National Defense Strategy Document". Colby is one of the leading figures of the circle that I describe as the "Anti-Chinese Party". We can describe the foreign policy elites, who highlight China as the most urgent problem for the U.S., as an "Emergency". Colby, who attracted attention with his book "The Rejection Strategy: American Defense in the Age of Great Power Conflict", became the voice of the "Emergency". According to Colby, who insists on the urgency of China's containment, this urgency is an analytical consensus in the United States.

According to the messages Colby has published on Twitter in the last 4 months, the probability of a major war with China in the coming years is very high. "Anyone with influence should ask themselves: Did I do 'everything' to deter him?" Colby also criticized those who proposed enlarging NATO instead of focusing on China. Colby continued, “What will it look like if we are bloodily defeated by China in Asia? Think of the books, the investigations, the commissions to be written about why the United States lost its first great power war so terribly. Bring that regret forward and make the necessary changes 'now'."

Suggesting that China will intervene in Taiwan in a few years, Colby attributes this to the fact that the US has been strategically distracted from Europe and the "expansion of NATO". For Colby, “Asia” is far more important, and focusing on Europe is not worth the loss in Asia. Claiming that China's ambitions are not limited to Taiwan, Colby said, "China seems to seek first hegemony over Asia and then global supremacy." “If Taiwan falls, it will be much more difficult to prevent China from dominating Asia,” Colby said.

“People may want to help Taiwan—for other reasons, such as democracy, shared values, or sympathy. For Americans, these are not the main issues, it is our interests.”

According to Colby, who pointed out that the 'Fear of China' is economically based, it is certain that the welfare and freedoms of Americans will suffer if China gains control over more than 50 percent of the global GDP. In this case, every company will have to dance to the Chinese tune, and Chinese money will be the dominant currency. Defending that China's growth would be a strong incentive to bring down the U.S., Colby said, "Economic power is political power." Urgent Colby was calling out to Americans, saying, "You're going to be poorer."


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