A little Roosevelt, a little Reagan - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

A little Roosevelt, a little Reagan

We can liken Donald Trump a little to Ronald Reagan. This has nothing to do with Reagan's election as president in 1981 with FBI support. Reagan showing loyalty to the red lines of the FBI's “established order” had played an important role in his election. Similar to Reagan, Trump was also representing the established cult values of the “white American.”

Trump is a little like Franklin Delano Roosevelt too. Democrat candidate Roosevelt was elected at a time the 1929 economic crisis led to a huge shock. The unemployment rate in 1932 was at about 25 percent. The gross national product (gnp) had dropped 50 percent with tax income seeing a 60 percent decline. Industry production was in terrible state. The country where the banking system had collapsed was knee-deep in poverty with despair also peaking. Two million people were left homeless. The people were holding the stock exchange and bankers responsible. Such that bankers were referred to as “banksters,” recalling gangsters. Democrats comprised the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and senate. The people were now waiting for a move. Roosevelt came to power in such an atmosphere by promising hope. American comedian Will Rogers described that atmosphere as, “If he [Roosevelt] burned down the Capitol, we would cheer and say, 'Well, we at least got a fire started anyhow.'”

Roosevelt, who initially made harsh speeches targeting bankers and money exchangers, later softened his tone. The banking system was reformed without making a radical change. He brought retired Gen. Hugh Johnson to head the National Recovery Administration (NRA), which he founded to play a role in the restructuring of the economy. Gen. Johnson, who showed at every opportunity that he wanted to be like Benito Mussolini, was dismissed a while later. The “established order” was not allowed to deviate to the extreme right line.

Roosevelt focused on reviving the economy and getting Americans back to business. He announced his program, which took public enterprises as basis, as the “New Deal.” The New Deal brought the “American dream” on the Americans' agenda once again. The initiatives of Roosevelt, who pushed solving international problems to the bottom of the list of priorities, also included monetary policy. These initiatives were received by surprise by Europe which was in crisis. The policy to keep the U.S. away from international problems strengthened the hand of dictators like Hitler and Mussolini to behave bolder. Roosevelt was also interested in getting along well with Stalin. (Trump wants to get along well with Russia.)

Roosevelt also took steps to reduce the numbers in the U.S. military. U.S. Chief of General Staff Gen. Douglas MacArthur paid a visit to the White House to get Roosevelt to back down from this decision. The meeting was very, very tense. Gen. MacArthur submitted his resignation immediately after the meeting. The New Deal reforms helped in putting the economy back on track. In 1940, Roosevelt was elected president for the third time in the middle of World War II.

As for Trump, he gained the support of white Americans for the restoration of the “established order” in the U.S., which has been going through stagnation after the “2008 Crisis.” This situation does not mean that Trump is going to completely fulfill all the promises he made during his election campaign. As soon he was elected he softened his tone and extended an olive branch to the other Americans he had frightened during the campaign. However, it seems the reactions toward Trump will continue for a while longer. The waters are not going to settle unless an agreement is reached between the power groups surrounding the “established order.” This internal conflict is going to have international repercussions. Trump's foreign policy promises may face certain fait accompli in Iraq, Syria, the Pacific or the Baltics before he even takes the presidential seat.


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