A historic duty for Turkey at G-20! - ABDULLAH MURADOĞLU

A historic duty for Turkey at G-20!

After the “Soviet Union” had repented from the “Cold War” game and suddenly left the table, the capitalist economy had been left unchallenged. Since the boss of the world’s communism, the Soviet Union, had collapsed, things got easier for the capitalist system. Thus, the global capital, industry being in the first place, had detached itself from the real economy and steered towards financials rapidly. Following the “Cold War”, the USA had located itself on the throne of global power. Thanks to the monopolar world system that is under the USA’s, which is gradually transforming into an arrogance monument, patronage, the lords of the global capital added more wealth to their already existing wealth. The wealth of the world’s richest people is equal to the incomes of 3.5 billion people. The world population’s 1 percent consists of the world’s richest people, and this 1% is almost 2000 times richer than the 50 percent of the world population that is poorer than they are. As for the top segment in the USA, which is equal to one tenth, they possess 75 percent of total wealth.

As Thomas Pikett, the writer of “Capitalism in the 20th Century”, states; leaving the dynamics of the market economy, which is run for the service of the finance capital, alone is forming a strong potential threat against the social justice values, which takes place in the center of the communities. According to Pikett, the essential destabilizing power is the fact that the private capital’s rate of return is lustily and constantly bigger than the increase rate in the income and production. This threat is substantial, general, updated and scorching. Now the world is trying to overcome the global problems created by the financial capitalism.

In the early stages of the 1990s, Zbigniev Brzezinski had stated: “It should be known that the majority of the world population is aware that a rich minority is relishing an endless consumption, and they cannot stand that anymore. As a result, the global inequality will be one of the main topics of the 21st Century policies.”

A couple of years after Brzezinski stated this, the financial crisis in 1997 had ravaged Asia. This foreshock was the messenger of even bigger earthquakes. In 2007, the financial crisis in USA had blown like a hurricane and reached Europe. Hundreds of thousands of people had lost their houses, jobs and savings. I’m mentioning these points for this reason: The “G-20”, which Turkey is also a member of, had been established after the G-7, which represented the richest 7 countries of the “Western” wing of the Cold War, had thrown in the towel against the “1997 Crisis”. However, the G-20 had been activated for attack mode after the “2007 Crisis”. It was understood that the “Club of the Rich” had no power of solving global issues. However, even though the USA didn’t have the power of solving global issues, they had the power of creating issues.

Since the G-20 was accommodating ideological, political, military and economic benefit groups, which are conflicting with each other, the G-20 failed to execute its global mission that was being expected from it. Even though this is the case, it still can be a suitable platform to raise many issues, “global inequality” being in the first place, to the top of the agenda. Because of this reason, Turkey’s tempore presidency of the G-20 starting December 1 is crucial. Before heading to the G-20 Leaders Summit at Australia, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had said, “While being in the ranks of the world’s biggest economies, Turkey is also acting as an assistant or coordinator for the lesser developed countries in the world. This means that we are the sound of justice and remorse in the world. We will open the doors of dialogues against the economic inequalities.” If Turkey manages to make the sounds of billions of people, who are being squashed between the global inequality’s wheels, and are living in the villages and towns of the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, heard in G-20 summits, then it would mean that Turkey surely had executed a historic duty.


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