Hero Koroghlu strives to enter World Heritage list

Hero Koroghlu strives to enter World Heritage list

Bolu to host International Koroghlu festival in September to introduce the epic of Koroghlu to the world

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Hopefully, the Turkic people won't be the only ethnic audience that appreciates the legendary stories of hero Koroghlu. With the upcoming Second International Koroghlu Festival set to open on September 26 in the northwestern province of Bolu, Bolu Municipality Mayor Alladdin Yilmaz said that they will take some important steps jointly with other Turkic countries for the inclusion of Koroghlu on the UNESCO World Heritage list.The epic of Koroghlu, who can be compared to Robin hood in a way, is a heroic legend prominent in the oral traditions of Turkic peoples in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.The legend typically describes a hero who seeks to avenge a wrong. The epic tells about the life and heroic deeds of Koroghlu as a hero of the people who struggled against unjust rulers.'For hundreds of years we have been living with the Epic of Koroghlu. For this, we will step jointly with the Turkic World for its inclusion on the World Heritage list,' Bolu Municipality Mayor Yilmaz said.

Yilmaz stressed that they would develop the brotherhood bond through political and commercial bridges with the countries of the Turkic World through this festival.

'And above all, we will create bonds of hearts among the Turkic World,' he said

More than 500 people form the Turkic world, including academicians, celebrities, government officials and artists are expected to attend the festival.

Moreover, folk songs and dances, Children Theaters, concerts and a symposium will be organized in city of Bolu during the festival period.


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