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Ramadan in Bangladesh: A journey through the Muslim world

“Mass iftar (fast-breaking) dinners are usually held in mosques. People send store-bought food, or dishes they cooked themselves to adorn the iftar tables at mosques. I used to send food to the mosque, along with my brother, from time to time. My bro... more

How should we perceive the Muslim world?

Since there is indeed a region called the “Muslim world,” we should contemplate how to perceive this world, as the lack of an appropriate approach leads to results that are far from positive. The Muslim or Islamic world should be viewed: &n... more

Russia’s ancient Kazakhstan report and the Putin effect

In 1759, senior officer of the Russian army Alexei Ivanovich Tevkelev and Petr Rychkov, who was assigned as governor of Orenburg, Russia’s window to the East, prepared a detailed memorandum on the general situation of the Kazakh steppes and the balan... more

The fall of Muslim Granada

“Implementing a fair and efficacious policy in Andalusia was only possible through the strict inspection and audits of relations between the ruler and the ruled, of the administrators, as well as scholars and lawyers, who were the representatives of ... more

Will Eric Zemmour's Islamophobia win him the French presidency?

A book that hit the shelves in the French capital, Paris, on September 8, 2016, deals with topics that this particular author loves to touch upon, such as identity, Islam and the war of civilizations.The author, who insists on the need to protect “Fr... more

India in its Age of Ignorance

The Age of Ignorance (Jahiliyyah) refers to the religious, social, and ideological atmosphere the Arabs were enmeshed in pre-Islam. This concept, cited in the Muslim holy book of the Quran and hadiths, does not suggest illiteracy, a lack of knowledge... more

Is America an empire in decline?

When Democratic candidate Joe Biden announced his intention to throw his hat in the 2020 U.S. presidential elections with a "female vice presidential candidate", one of the most unlikeliest names to be on the ticket was California Senator Kamala Harr... more

Will Putin succeed in bringing India into the fold?

Russian President Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to Indian capital New Delhi on Monday. During meetings with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the two countries signed 28 deals of all shapes and sizes that encompass diverse fields of invest... more

The dark letter haunting Syria

Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, France had seized control of the territories of Lebanon and Syria by the mandate system in 1920; however in 1934, it started to whisper of “independence,” and making certain preparations for it. However, ... more

A peek into the Arab world: A break-up and make-up with the UAE

The one-day visit United Arab Emirates’ Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) paid to Turkish capital Ankara last week is still the hottest topic on everyone’s lips. Even though the visit is being discussed in some circles through the lens of “Turkis... more

And just like that, the party is over for Iran’s libertine

Last week, at his villa in Switzerland’s lakeside Montreux, a notorious figure of the Middle East’s near history closed his eyes to the cruel world and discreetly drew his last breath. Instead of a family announcement, Iran’s official media sources d... more


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