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The Russia-Ukraine war and the brain death of the EU

Did the Russia-Ukraine war “break out” or was it “instigated”? It seems like the latter is true. Political slyness led by the U.S. and the U.K. signals the prelude of this war. We experienced a process in which all conditions were directly prepared b... more

Is Macron the only real choice for France?

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are the only candidates to make it to the second round of France's presidential elections. Considering the distribution of votes in the first round, it would not be wrong to foresee that guaranteed support for Le Pen... more

Has Biden decided to abandon Ukraine to its fate?

The world held its breath while Biden and Putin had a meeting that lasted two hours. It was no secret that the focus was going to be Ukraine, where tensions have been mounting for a while. Provided that this issue is at the core, both sides discussed... more

NATO’s metamorphosis and what this means for Turkey

Nothing in history completely vanishes; like energy, at most, it morphs and takes on new shapes with different components. In other words, continuity is a constant in history. What NATO, a byproduct of the Cold War, is undergoing right now can be exa... more

The Erdoğan-Putin summit looming on the horizon

Over the last three decades, Turkey has been gradually released from a heavy burden. This burden is none other than NATO. The very NATO that leftist groups once demanded “we leave,” while the right-wing was on intimate terms with it. History is wroug... more

Russia; Quo Vadis?

We are talking about the vital point of the Syria issue. The Astana process, which represents rapprochement between Turkey Iran and Russia, has crashed into Idlib and been shaken. In a way, Iran and Russia violated the Astana agreement. More importan... more

Anything new in the Western front?

Weird things are happening recently in the region and the world. As U.S. President Donald Trump's world policies become clear, serious resistance rises in return. It is understood that Trump will not be able to accomplish everything he promised durin... more

Trump, Europe and Russia

Europe came to the fore post-World War II as the product of a very interesting formation. We know that the U.S. hegemony took shape after the war. Accordingly, the U.K. withdrew behind the stage and left its place to the U.S. This switch is quite oft... more

The assassination and the aftermath

We can estimate that the heinous assassination in Ankara, which occurred on the eve of the trilateral meeting in Moscow, will have crucial results. Let us look at them. Recent developments showed that Russia's presence in the Middle East is not confi... more


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