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Did the US and UK stoke the fire of just the Ukraine war?

Recent reports coming in from Western Europe and North America state that attacks on Muslims are on the rise once again. Sadly, these attacks are conducted regularly and at specific intervals. If they are indeed carried out systematically, we must co... more

Does Erdogan have a plan in mind for Africa?

A report by Yeni Şafak daily states that Russian media highlighted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s fortitude as he spoke of his Africa visit. According to the Russians, the most prominent reason President Erdoğan is not afraid of the world’s... more

Palestine is resisting on behalf of the whole Muslim world

Israel is acting in accordance with a specific expansion and enlargement strategy in Palestine. And to that end, Tel Aviv is using a variety of tools, all of which must be examined individually. However, it should be noted that the strategy of expans... more

Turkey’s growing confidence will not be shaken

We were at war in Idlib at the time the pandemic reached Turkey, and the perpetuity matter was directly linked to the developments in our near region. At the time the pandemic became full-blown particularly in Europe and the U.S., Turkey entered a ne... more

The Pope who worships at pagan temples, and neo-colonialism

Everyone is well aware of those circles in Turkey trying to make a big deal over whether the new U.S. president called Erdogan or not. Among these, those who are particularly on the conservative opposition line draw greater attention. Though Turkey’s... more

‘90s long gone: America can no longer tell Turkey what to do

At a time when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the “Human Rights Action Plan,” the U.S. House of Representatives developed a human rights and democracy-focused document in accordance with the new administration’s foreign policy. In brief, th... more


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