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Why did Turkey and the UAE bury the hatchet?

Turkey’s relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which have been rocky for the past decade, have started to mellow in recent months.Yesterday, another strong step towards normalizing relations was taken with the visit of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince... more

Who did Biden blame for the fraying of Turkish-American ties?

Right at the onset of the S-400 crisis, Ankara made a proposal to its interlocutors in Washington, which basically was along the lines of, "Let's set up a joint commission, so you can voice your objections there. Let's settle this matter then and the... more

How is Turkey faring as gas prices skyrocket across Europe?

If I were to ask, “What is the hot-button topic plaguing our minds at the moment?” no doubt you would answer that “energy prices” are right up at the top of the list of the subjects that have a major effect on our daily lives and short-term future.We... more

Is Erdogan going to launch another military op in Syria?

Following a Cabinet meeting on Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, touching upon the attacks against Turkish elements in Syria, said: “We have run out of patience,” signaling a new military operation in the Middle East. “We no longer... more

How is Erdogan’s ruling AK Party faring in the latest polls?

More reports now claim that Turkey’s six opposition parties are joining forces to return the country to a parliamentary system.Let me first ask this:Are these parties so insistent on returning to a parliamentary system because they truly believe... more

What’s the reason behind Erdogan’s US rebuke?

While walking along skyscrapers with a few colleagues in Manhattan, New York on Wednesday, just after we passed the Rockefeller Center, the writing on a LED screen mounted on a mobile vehicle caught our attention.It was a billboard ad and on it was t... more


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