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How is Turkey faring as gas prices skyrocket across Europe?

If I were to ask, “What is the hot-button topic plaguing our minds at the moment?” no doubt you would answer that “energy prices” are right up at the top of the list of the subjects that have a major effect on our daily lives and short-term future.We... more

Is Erdogan going to launch another military op in Syria?

Following a Cabinet meeting on Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, touching upon the attacks against Turkish elements in Syria, said: “We have run out of patience,” signaling a new military operation in the Middle East. “We no longer... more

How is Erdogan’s ruling AK Party faring in the latest polls?

More reports now claim that Turkey’s six opposition parties are joining forces to return the country to a parliamentary system.Let me first ask this:Are these parties so insistent on returning to a parliamentary system because they truly believe... more

What’s the reason behind Erdogan’s US rebuke?

While walking along skyscrapers with a few colleagues in Manhattan, New York on Wednesday, just after we passed the Rockefeller Center, the writing on a LED screen mounted on a mobile vehicle caught our attention.It was a billboard ad and on it was t... more

Has the ice begun to melt between Turkey the UAE?

On August 18, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan receiving the UAE’s National Security Advisor Tahnoun Bin Zayed in Ankara along with news of this visit brought up burning questions about whether the ice between the two countries has begun to melt.An eve... more

Turkey’s policy in Afghanistan following the American exit

In 1999, when I worked as a young war correspondent in Kosovo, I witnessed a litany of humanitarian tragedies first-hand.In the villages we visited back then, we came across mass graves where the corpses of murdered bodies laid half-buried.And that’s... more

How Erdoğan put paid to lies about Qatar

There is not a peep from Turkey’s opposition regarding us coughing up billions of dollars to buy M-46s, M-47s from the U.S., and Leopard tanks from Germany. Yet, they are perturbed and cause a kerfuffle when Qatari capital assumes a role in the produ... more


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