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What are Latin American countries seeking in Turkey?

COLOMBIAI might be miles away, yet that does not mean I don’t follow the hot-button topics on Turkey’s internal agenda. I am aware that Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) visited a family and, even tho... more

Erdoğan’s boundaries with Israel

Ankara is taking important and productive steps to normalize its bilateral relations with countries with whom ties were previously chaotic to ease tensions with the West and move toward creating a more balanced landscape. This tense atmosphere, ... more

Will Putin further escalate the war in Ukraine?

Understanding and making sense of Putin's both inner and outer worlds, decisions, and goals have become crucial after his ruthless war in Ukraine. The following questions also come to mind in light of the most recent events: - How will the war i... more

Did Biden ask Erdogan to impose sanctions against Russia?

The balanced policy pursued by Ankara during Russia's invasion of Ukraine opened up a space for Turkish diplomacy that made an international impact.It’s crystal clear that it helped shape Turkey’s role in this crisis when we look at the traffic of Pr... more

The West’s empty rhetoric on Ukraine should serve as a lesson

A few months ago, when the Ukraine crisis started to flare up, I had included a quote from a senior Turkish security official in this column.After the Ukraine crisis gave way to an invasion/war, that quote has since taken on an even bigger meaning.Fo... more

Why did Turkey and the UAE bury the hatchet?

Turkey’s relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which have been rocky for the past decade, have started to mellow in recent months.Yesterday, another strong step towards normalizing relations was taken with the visit of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince... more


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