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The joke’s on Greece as it attempts to shun Turkey

The sanctions the EU is trying to pose on Russia in the fuel sector have led to intense debates within the bloc. The matter that fast made its way onto the global agenda in recent weeks is causing EU bureaucracy to do overtime—even on the weekends. &... more

Will the dollar and euro soon be equal?

The challenges faced by the global economy are giving rise to new debacles almost daily now. Most recently, it seems that the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war have added fuel to the fire. Growth estimates downgradedThe developments that em... more

Can there be any talk of EU energy solidarity without Turkey?

Let me answer this question upfront: it’s impossible! In the light of the Russia-Ukraine war, the desperation of EU member states regarding energy has left them eyeing Turkey, as Ankara’s strategic importance is becoming more and more clear. Yet the ... more

Are Western sanctions enough to stop Russia's Ukraine war?

One of the most talked-about issues since the start of the Russia-Ukraine War is the sanctions imposed by the Western-led alliance against Moscow. A new round of additional sanctions was announced after the NATO and EU Leaders’ summits, which lasted ... more

Is the global economy headed for stagflation?

I wanted to start today's column by reiterating that things have not been going well in the global economy for a while now and that it carries certain reverberations for Turkey since it’s an integral part of the global economy. As the Russia-Ukraine ... more

Where are energy prices headed after Biden’s Russia embargo?

The U.S. has recently added more sanctions to the ones previously imposed on Russia due to the Ukraine invasion, banning U.S. oil and natural gas imports from the country. The U.K. has also announced that it will completely end its oil and gas purcha... more

Who will be the biggest loser of the Ukraine-Russia war?

As the long-simmering tensions between Russia and Ukraine transformed into a full-fledged war, all eyes are now on the ramifications of this conflict, which will closely impact the entire world. These developments that directly affect the pricin... more

Will Western sanctions on Russia do the trick?

The imposition of sanctions against Moscow was one of the most hotly debated topics that emerged after Russia waged its war against Ukraine. In this column, I will try my best to share everything you need to know about sanctions, an instrument of eco... more

Soaring energy prices continue to cause headaches globally!

We have been discussing energy prices in Turkey for a while now. Of course, the most recent increase in prices directly impacts our lives and our increased energy expenditures carry a negative impact on our budgets. However, let’s not forget  th... more

The global energy crisis and Turkey’s slice of the pie

I doubt there is another subject so picked apart in the world than the production of energy, along with its storage and transmission. Access to energy, the main input of production, and its costs are topping the agendas of nations across the globe. S... more


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